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Company Details
Main Market: South America, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Oceania
Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter
Brands: Xiangkang
No. of Employees: 100~150
Annual Sales: 10 million-2 million
Year Established: 2002
Export p.c: 80% - 90%

We successfully developed permanent barcode labels for gas cylinders, which use corrosion resistant metal as matrix and integrate barcode information with ceramic glaze. It’s designed to last outdoors for 20-30 years.


The special barcode labels produced by Xiangkang have competitive prices and are being used by more than 3000 filling stations around the country. In the recent ten years, we have sold 70 millions. There is no doubt that the quality and life time of our barcode labels can satisfy the real usage of gas cylinders.


Xiangkang Electronic Co., LTD is in the cylinder digital intelligent management industry to solve a series of technical problems, after ten years of effort and sustained improvement, in addition to continue to provide economical and practical, affordable products and competitive prices for a large number of low-end users, also provide cylinder digital management of the overall solution for more and more high-end users at home and abroad.


Xiangkang Electronic is proud of its metal and ceramic composite barcode, which can withstand high temperature incineration and other extreme harsh environment, suitable for identification of gas cylinders, more than 30 million gas cylinders have been installed with the barcode label of Xiangkang.

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With the development of Internet technology, Xiangkang Electronic has experienced more than ten years of r&d and innovation, and launched a new generation of steel glaze composite 2D barcode in 2014, which applies Internet technology and big data platform to the full-life traceability management of gas cylinders.

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All products of Xiangkang Electronic are independently developed and innovated. So far, more than 30 provincial and municipal regulatory departments, more than 300 cylinder testing units and more than 3,000 gas charging enterprises have been successfully applied in China.

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The acetylene intelligent charging management system independently developed by Xiangkang Electronic has greatly reduced the dependence on on-site operation and management personnel for experience and sense of responsibility, facilitated operation and simplified management, and has been successfully applied to key users in many provinces and cities throughout the country.


Pre-Sales Service 

• Provide details about the production procedure

• Making samples for testing


Sales Service 

• Customized solution designs

• On-line Technical Support

• Successful project examples and visits to our production and R&D base


After-Sales Service

• One quality warranty with lifelong maintenance

• Free guarantee repair (including labor and material): free repair service during the quality warranty period and reasonable charge for spare parts and maintaining service after the quality warranty period. We will never exempt our responsibilities on product owned defects.

• Spare parts: necessary spare parts are provided together with products to customers.

• Free technical training: integrative and normative technology training is available for free to customers by our technical personnel to ensure they are skilled in regular operations of hardware and software of products and they are able to estimate and solve small problems.

• Our after-sales team: will provide professional support on time if necessary.

• Software upgrade: lifelong maintenance of controlling system, incessant improvement of the system functions and continuous software upgrades.

• Site instruction service of installation is available.

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Our Team

Our Service Team: 

We treat our customers with the same loyalty and devotion, no matter the size of their business or industry.


• 30+ people

• Provide professional pre-sale, after-sale and implementation support immediately

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Quality Team: 

• Quality inspection from raw material to production and delivery.

• Professional quality control person, to avoid the unqualified products flowing to customer.

• Strict inspection to Raw material, production, and delivery.

• Full series of equipments in quality laboratory.

• Follow ISO 9001:2008 system strictly.

• Continuous improvement, seeking higher quality level.

• Follow ISO 9001:2008 system strictly.

• Continuous improvement, seeking higher quality level.

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R&D Team: 

• 30+ people,own R&D team

• Design and development of hardware and software platform, efficient and expertise team.

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