• China Xiangkang Electronic Co., Ltd. certification
    Standard: ISO9001
    Number: PC213000
    Issue Date: 2020-04-08
    Expiry Date: 2023-04-07
  • China Xiangkang Electronic Co., Ltd. certification
    Standard: EXPROOF
    Number: CNEx16.0551X
    Issue Date: 2016-03-08
    Expiry Date: 2021-03-07
  • China Xiangkang Electronic Co., Ltd. certification
    Standard: ATEX
    Number: ATEX n. 0P190808.XEQD78
    Issue Date: 2019-08-08
    Expiry Date: 2024-08-07
QC Profile

Passed the certification of ISO9001, ATEX, CNEX, Xiangkang also has been certified as “Excellent private enterprises in Jiangsu Province”, “High-tech enterprises”, “Demonstration Enterprise of Innovation Capability Building for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Jiangsu Province”,"Third Prize of The 6th Safety Production Technology Achievement Award" , “Second Prize of Chinese Machinery Industry Science Award” and  “Engineering Technology Research Center”.


The purpose of Engineering Technology Research Center:

Promote the scientific and technological progress of enterprises and industries, and promote enterprises to become the main body of technological innovation.


Establish an engineering verification environment for system integration required for achievement transformation, and establish first-class research, test, inspection and pilot test conditions.


We will promote the transformation of major scientific and technological achievements with promising market prospects, and effectively link the innovation chain with the industrial chain.To provide advanced and mature technology and equipment for large-scale production.


We should carry out multi-tiered, multi-form and multi-field technical exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad, attach importance to the combination of industry, universities and research institutes, and establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutions.


To train high-level engineering and technical personnel and managerial personnel.

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